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I love ebay

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For those of you who use ebay, I found a great seller who sells anime stuff here.

There’s a pretty good selection, and the prices are better than a lot of other sites. The shipping discout is a bit misleading as it will only take off half the shipping cost of your cheapest items, not the total shipping. You only save a couple bucks, but its still nice. Check it out.


Yozakura Quartet: Final Thoughts v2

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So I just finished Yozakura Quartet, and overall, the ending was exactly what I expected. Hime gets her mojo back, fights Enjin, beats him, and everything returns to normal. While not particularly original, it is done well, with the consistently good animation and soundtrack.

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ToraDora Ep 13: Burning Teen Spirit

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This weeks ToraDora brings the Cultural Festival/Taiga’s dad story arc to a close. Overall, I was satisfied with it. The main relationships were nicely developed, and there were quite a few awesome moments.

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Gundam 00 S2 Episode 12: Naked People in Space

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I am just as confused as you are Setsuna. Seriously, this episode empbodied everything I love about Gundam 00. The only thing it lacked was Mr. Bushido, but Stumpy’s sheer lulziness in this episode made up for this.

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Thoughts on DVDs

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So yesterday I was at my local Best Buy doing some holiday shopping, and I decided to check out the anime section. I remember seeing this section grow over the past 5 years from a couple of rows, to most of an aisle. Of course, as you probably know, the anime industry has taken begun to die in America, with the failure of Geneon and ADV. However, I was surprised to see that it still commanded a relatively large portion of the DVD section.

Then I realized that there wasn’t much variety. The only reason anime takes up so much space is because of the size of the box sets. I saw rows and rows of special edition Bleach and Naruto box sets with figurines. I was not too surprised by this because these are hot properties.

What I noticed that made me happy was the lack of individual DVDs. Most everything was collected into thinpack boxsets. This is a great step forward as anime used to be way too fucking expensive in the past. I remember painfully paying $20 for the first volume of Azumanga Daioh on DVD and trying to justify the purchase by watching the special features.

I’m glad that what’s left of the anime industry is moving towards bare bones releases. People usually don’t give a shit about special features and animated menus. They usually don’t provide anything interesting or revolutionary, and just take up space that could have been devoted to more episodes per disc. Most people just want to watch their anime, usually in Japanese with English subtitles, and move on to the next title. This is why old fansubs of shows still dominated when they were coming out on DVD. Fans of dubs have gotten the shaft because current releases usually only have subs, but many popular shows are still being shown on Cartoon Network and SciFi, so they should be thankful to still have that.

But I recently started thinking of the popularity of sites and programs like Hulu, Crunchyroll, and iTunes and realized that the next step in the evolution of media is not Blu-ray, but digital downloads. I feel that anime is actually on the forefront of this evolution. Look at how Naruto is going to be subbed within hours of its release in Japan starting this January, and how many Gonzo and Toei shows are featured on Crunchyroll for free. Many movies on DVD now come with the option to download a digital copy of it. With the decreasing price of bandwidth and hard drives, DVDs are slowly growing obsolete.

While I don’t think that physical media is ever going to be completely eliminated in the next decade, they will definitely lose a lot of presence. I am curious to see how this will develop.

ToraDora: More Than Meets the Eye

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At first ToraDora, struck me as more of the same. Kugimiya Rie was playing a tsundere, she would be a bitch, but eventually fall in love with the main character. Along the way, their antics would entertain us. I was ok with this. When it comes down to it, most anime, and most media in general, is just a rehash of old material. This is fine. Gundam has been essentially the same since the original, and people still love it. However, ToraDora’s surprisingly deep and realistic characters make this the closest thing to originality seen in anime in years.

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One Outs: Akagi for Dummies

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Madhouse and Yuzo Sato bring us another gambling anime. First was Akagi, a 4chan favorite about a man with no fear taking over postwar Japanese underworld through his ungodly mahjong skills.  Next he worked on was Kaiji, a series about class struggle, and one man’s journey to take revenge on all the rich bastards who exploit him. Now comes One Outs, a series about baseball and gambling. At first, I was worried about how well this could be pulled off. The idea seems like a bit of a one trick pony. However, after watching a good chunk of the series, I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed and entertained.

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