Gundam 00 S2 Episode 12: Naked People in Space


I am just as confused as you are Setsuna. Seriously, this episode empbodied everything I love about Gundam 00. The only thing it lacked was Mr. Bushido, but Stumpy’s sheer lulziness in this episode made up for this.


The highlight of this episode was some hand to hand combat that would even make Captain Falcon proud. First we get the Cheridum punch. It’s amazing how effective a punch to the mouth is even in a 30 foot tall robot.


Next is the Saji punch. While the punch itself wasn’t particularly funny, the amount of time Setsuna sat there like a sack of potatoes was.


And finally, we have the Ribbons bitch slap. Wang Liu Mei had this coming for a while. What was even more entertaining was Regene Regetta’s reaction to this.


What a douchebag smile. Oh the Innovators, how you entertain me so.

Although, the real star of this episode was Louise, who I affectionately call Stumpy due to her injury from the first season.


Here she proves to be a master of deduction when she concludes that Saji must be a member of Celestial Being due to her GN particle induced drug trip in space. Clearly he must have been a part of CB when you two were going out. He made you fall in love with him and killed your parents as part of CB’s elaborate scheme to fuck with one person out of billions.


Since the start of this season, Stumpy has always been chowing down on pills whenever she gets a case of the crazies. Now I know what those pills remind me of.

Delicious, delicious Smints. How I love these little candies. And to close, here is a picture of Saji being a little bitch. Until. next week people.



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  1. That bastard!

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