ToraDora Ep 13: Burning Teen Spirit


This weeks ToraDora brings the Cultural Festival/Taiga’s dad story arc to a close. Overall, I was satisfied with it. The main relationships were nicely developed, and there were quite a few awesome moments.


First, we have Ami giving us a bit of dominatrix fanservice. While it has very little to do with beauty pagents, it was still very appropriate and incredibly awesome to see.


Next is an awkward, but strong line by Taiga. For some reason, her expressions in this scene remind me of the God Knows scene from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It’s probably the way she yells.


Takasu GAR glands go into overdrive during the race to Taiga. What I didn’t like about this scene is that the inner monologue made his emotions a little too obvious. I had already understood his feelings beforehand, but maybe they were making things black and white for those out there who are emotionally dense. However, they helped with the pacing of the scene, so I have no qualms with it in the end.


While not her greatest moment, the Minorin’s burning passion softball pitch was gratifying. Not much more I can add to this. Minorin’s fucking awesome.


And we finally get a couple of moments where the characters have some development with their crush. While Takasu and Minorin’s basically brought them back to where they were before Taiga’s dad appeared, that between Taiga and Kitamura has taken a refreshing step forward. I guess this makes up for the lack of meaningful development between the two over most of the series. The events of this past episode have me confused as to how things are going to develop between the characters. As I stated in my first review of the series, I thought that Ryuji and Taiga falling in love would be the likely, but boring ending. Now it seems like this may not be the case. At this point, either one is a possibility. The next episode preview seems rather vague, so I am curious as to what will happen.


To close, here is another image of Minorin being awesome. I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas. For those of you who celebrate Channukah, enjoy the next couple days. If you don’t celebrate either. I hope you’re still having fun.

Next, I might write about the ending of Yozakura Quartet. I have the last episode downloaded, but haven’t watched it yet. I’ll also put off Kannagi until I finish it too. I’ve been watching Clannad lately which is strangely addictive.



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