Yozakura Quartet: Final Thoughts v2


So I just finished Yozakura Quartet, and overall, the ending was exactly what I expected. Hime gets her mojo back, fights Enjin, beats him, and everything returns to normal. While not particularly original, it is done well, with the consistently good animation and soundtrack.


The Hime/Enjin battle kept the same fluidity and dynamic movement that made the series entertaining in the first place. While Enjin’s abilities were still not made clear, it was a fun fight to watch.


When I first started watching this series, I was confused why they picked Tomokazu Seki to play Enjin. I remember him best for his hotblooded roles such as Sousuke in Full Metal Panic or Anisawa Meito in Lucky Star. Playing a cool headed villain like Enjin didn’d seem like a very appropriate role for him. However, at the end of the series, we get to witness Seki’s GAR screams like in the scene above.


After the battle, we are treated to scenes of the town in the aftermath of the battle, which mostly consisted of cleaning up sakura petals. On a side note, I really enjoyed the flower petal effects used in this episode. It was probably just a computer generated layer, but their speed and number was perfectly chosen so they would be noticeable, but not distracting. The final shot is that of Hime jumping from roof to roof, patrolling her town, a rather anticlimactic ending, although it felt right. After all, the series was about the paranormal wanting a normal life, so it’s only fitting that it ends that way.


Overall, Yozakura Quartet wasn’t bad, but wasn’t great either. Everything about the production was stellar. The animation, music, and acting were all excellent. However, as mentioned in my first post, the story is crap. Even in the end, the exact roles of many characters are not clearly explained. For example, who were the samurai nun and the immortal shota supposed to be?

So, will there be a second season? I find it unlikely. While it initially had one of the highest ratings of Fall 2008 anime, I’m not sure how high it stayed, or how good the DVD sales will be. Also, there weren’t any loose ends to wrap up plot wise besides vague minor characters or hints of a greater evil they need to conquer. I’m hoping for an OVA with more slice of life moments, but I won’t be surprised if this is the only animated adaptation of Yozakura Quartet we ever see.

A Kannagi series review will hopefully come up later today or early tomorrow. I’ve been binging on Biomeat Nectar lately, so that may cause more delays.


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