ToraDora Ep 14: Maturity and Happiness


Greetings readers, after what has felt like ages, we finally have some new ToraDora! While not as awesome as the previous episode, this episode nicely develops the supporting cast and central themes, and sets up the next plot arc.

The general premise of this episode was that everyone wanted to touch Taiga since there’s a rumor going around that touching her will give you good luck. Silly kids and their superstitions. This is used more as a springboard to bring one of the series’ central themes into play. The nature of happiness.


The star of this episode was Ami. Here she is comforting Yuri sensei to prove her maturity to herself and massage her ego a bit. For her, maturity and independence is her source of happiness. This is also shown when she criticizes Ryuuji for buying orange juice from the vending machine, calling it a kids drink or when she aloofly critisizes her class for making a big deal out of school festival photos. She spends most of the episode bashing on typical high school beliefs and actitivites. Whether this stems from being forced to grow up due to her modeling career or something deeper has not been made clear, but I look forward to seeing how it develops. However, at the end of the episode, we have this one simple comment below from Ryuuji that shakes her confidence. No matter how hard she trys, Ami is still just a high school girl who has simple problems like cooking her own meals. It was interesting to see this side of Ami’s personality.


The next character to appear is the always fabulous Minori. While her anxieties are only slightly hinted at in her conversation about photos with Ami, this week was host to some choice awesome Minorin moments.


I am always surprised by how Yui Horie can play with her voice like she does for Minori. The way she constatly adjust the pitch of her voice based on the situation from low perverted man talk to her high energy moments continues to amaze me. This is something not commonly seen in seiyuu in my experience. What made Minorin awesome in thei episode though was her extravagant Yu-Gi-Oh reference in buying photos. Yes, she could have just asked and told directly, but that’s not awesome enough for Minorin. She has to be as flamboyant as possible. This is probably her greatest moment since her famous crossed arms in Episode 5.


Finally, we have some long overdue character development for Kitamura. It has been strongly hinted at that he has a crush on the student council president, and she seems to have just told him some depressing news, based on Taiga’s cute, but failed attempt to cheer him up. The next episode seems to focus on him based on the preview, and I am looking forward to seeing what makes Kitamura tick. We already know a lot about the leads and Ami, but Kitamura has always been an enigma. We shall finally get some answers next week.


At the end of the episode, we get too more looks into the meaning of happiness. First is Yasuko’s, family. Despite being a simpleton, Yasuko is the most mature character in the series. Simply, she has her priorities straight, love and family. Taiga’s meaning of happiness is essentially the same, as her source of unhappiness was her family. Being accepted and loved by Ryuuji and Yasuko seems to be what she really wants from life all along.


So that’s it for this week’s ToraDora! Hopefully, I will get to writing a bit about what I plan to watch this season. Stay cool folks.


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