Gundam 00 Ep 14: The Sound of Music


This week’s Gundam 00 treats us to some plot development and a couple new songs. While the plot points weren’t bad, the new songs suck. But we’re treated to picutes of  naked people with butterflies, including Stumpy, so all is forgiven. So let’s get this post started.


So after fucking with the Innovators by destroying their space laser, Celestial Being gets their shit ruined and get shot down much to Ian’s surprise above. I’m a bit disappointed that they didn’t show the assault in too much detail. This is probably more to hide the abilities of the new Mobile Armor Stumpy will soon be getting, and hopefully using to tear Saji a new one.


And another big surpirse was seeing Nena Trinity doing something productive with her time. There must be a clause in Kugimiya Rie’s contract that states that she must say “Urusai!” at least once in every anime she performs in, since this little scene with the purple Haro had no other purpose. I’m hoping that she becomes more important. All she’s done this season is Wang Liu Mei’s bitch work.


Speaking of characters being productive, here we have Marina Ismail at her best since the season started, writing songs for children. It beats her lamenting the state of her country at least. Whiny bitch. Your song isn’t even that good.


Now for the good stuff. First we get one of the first big plot twists in ages. It turns out that Ribbons was the pilot of the 0 Gundam that inspired Setsuna as a kid, and is responsible for him being part of Celestial Being. I honestly did not see this coming at all. Thinking back on it, I never really questioned the identity of that mech. I just assumed that it would be explained in one of the side story mangas or something. Now we know that Ribbon’s had some involvement in Celestial Being originally. I’m curious to see how and why he split from them.


Next we learn of Seravee’s true form. After months of questioning and theories, we finally find out what the face on the back is for. The face on the back separates and turns into… a face on the front. Seravee is actually two mobile suits in one. While I’m not sure how useful this is, since they still share one GN drive, its seemed pretty epic at the time. It will probably play a rather strange looking role in combat in the future, but I still look forward to it.


Now the ultimate in plot hax. Thanks to her singing and the magical and ambiguous abilities of the GN particles, Ali al-Saachez cheats death once again. Setsuna had an amazing opportunity to slice the bastard in half, but Marina just had to start singing and throw off his murdurous flow. Way to take 1 step forward and 2 back you useless character you. I hope that this does not end up being the new ED for the series. It’s bad enough that we had to listen to it twice in one episode.


Mr. Bushido makes his grand reappearance after being absent for over a month. Not quite as awesome as his initial appearances, but I like his new MS, although the thruster things on its side and the extra long horns look a bit tacky. But it’s Mr. Bushido, so it’s now awesome and manly. Katagiri may have mastered the GN drive, so we will see what’s so special about this suit soon hopefully. Either way, shit is about to get real. Bushido style.

That’s all for this week. There’s not that much good stuff this season, so I’ve been catching up on old stuff. The only shows I’m interested in this season are Maria Holic, which is kind of odd, and Tale of Genji, which hasn’t come out yet. More on those once I watch some more of them.


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