ToraDora OP&ED 2: Meh.


I just got the new ToraDora! OP and ED CDs, and I have to say, I’m a bit underwhelmed. First let me start with the new ED: Orange, pictured above. While the lyrics and melody sound nice, there is nothing about it that really stands out.  It sounds like any other J-Pop song. Maybe understanding the lyrics would help me appreciate the song more, but I still prefer Pre-Parade over this.The other song on the CD, Koi Kurage is strange. It reminds me of a Hawaiian version of the Super Mario Bros. theme. While interesting, it is not particularly good.

The next song is “silky heart,” sung by Yui Horie. I’ve always liked her songs, and the same applies for this. My only problem is that it sounds too similar to the previous ED, “Vanila Salt.” The tempo and instruments are very similar, and while it doesn’t sound exactly the same, it’s almost like the difference between two Dragonforce songs.

Overall, they’re not bad, but not great. Their flaw is that the OP and ED that preceded them were so damn good. Both were catchy and energetic, and the second songs were also pretty good (especially Ka Ra Ku Ri, check it out if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s almost as good as Pre-Parade). Maybe they will grow on me more when I see how they are animated. Despite the crap I gave the new Gundam 00 OP, I’m actually starting to enjoy it now. On a random note, I’m surprised that these CDs came out before the OP and ED changed. It’s usually the other way around. Maybe there were hitches in production. In any case, check them out if you’re a ToraDora! fan. I’m probably not going to write many music reviews as I have little sense for music, but I felt a need to write about these. Hope you enjoy them.


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