ToraDora Ep 17: Tarding Out


This week’s ToraDora brings us a new OP and ED along with some character development. I’ve already posted my opinions on the new songs in a previous post, and while my opinion on the songs themselves hasn’t changed, I really enjoy the animation that goes along with them. It has a heavier, more mature feel than the previous songs, which goes well with the tone of the past couple episodes and the general direction of the show. I also noticed that Kitamura makes very few appearances in the OP. It seems like he has been demoted from supporting character to minor cast. However, despite having a more mature OP, this episode had most of the characters going absolutely retarded. It’s one  of those things you need to see to believe.


The episode starts with donut angel Taiga being in a festive mood due to Christmas. Because of the Yule time season, she spends the entire episode laughing and smiling. It’s completely out of character compared to the rest of the series, and especially the last episode. There’s probably some good reason to it, most likely involving her mother or something. It probably also has something to do with the theme of maturity I always bring up when talking about this show. Not really sure at this point, but that’s my gut feeling.


Next we have Minorin literally going crazy. Not her usual wacky, energetic kind of crazy that can probably be treated with Ritalin, but a bipolar, violent kind of crazy. The rest of the class realizes that there is something seriously wrong with her and try to get her out of it. Probably more for drama than anything, they don’t even bother to ask. In any case, after episodes of hinting, we finally get a definitive Minorin arc. I’m really curious as to what her problem is as they’ve been really mysterious about it.


Moving on to more retardation, here we have President Kitamura expressing his gratitude to Taiga. As his conflicts have been pretty much resolved, he’s been demoted to a gag character. In retrospect, I’m a bit disappointed at how they introduced and wrapped up his story so quickly. Although I have no idea how Minorin and Ami’s stories are going to end, I feel that their characters and problems were better developed as they were slowly introduced over the course of the series as opposed to compressing them into the central focus of two episodes. While I enjoyed those two episodes a great deal, I was expecting more out of him.


Now we have Haruta’s dream involving naked people and bunny girls. At least it’s better than naked people in space. In case you don’t pay attention, Haruta is the idiotic minor character with longish hair and a hoodie. This episode basically gave all the minor characters more lines and screen time than the rest of the series combined. However, it doesn’t really achieve anything. They don’t really flesh them out or develop them. They’re just there to move the plot along. I feel that the series worked pretty well with their minimal involvement, so this just feels strange to me. Hopefully, this does not happen again in future episodes.


After a failed attempt to bring Minorin back, we get to the real point of this episode, Ryuuji questioning his feelings for Taiga, thanks to this girl and her shallow motivations. A while back, I stated that I had no idea how this series would end. However, this and certain scenes in the OP strongly suggest that Taiga and Ryuuji will fall in love. I had really hoped that this would not happen. I was hoping for a friendship ending or something without relationships as those endings tend to feel very generic and boring. However, it could still be pulled off very well, and I am still excited for the next episode where we see more of Minorin’s character.

Recently, I started playing Fate/Stay Night as the Saber Lily figure sparked my curiosity about this series again. I’m not sure if the visual novel storytelling is my cup of tea, but I still like the plot and art. I’ve been meaning to watch the Kara no Kyoukai movies as well. I have them all sitting on my hard drive, but haven’t had the time to watch them yet. I should get on that. This season’s shows are ok, but not amazing. Rideback is starting to feel a bit generic, and nobody is subbing Genji. The only new show I really enjoy is White Album, but it has pacing issues. But that’s enough of that. Hope you enjoyed this episode review. Peace out.


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