K-ON! Ep 2 Guitar Quality


I was checking out the latest episode of K-ON! last night, and I noticed this major error in their guitar branding. For those of you out there who don’t know about guitars, there is no such thing as a Fender Les Paul Standard. Fender doesn’t even make a Les Paul shape guitar. This mishap really pissed me off when I first saw it due to my love of guitars, and I thought it might be a feeble attempt to put in false Fender product placement. However, this seems to be a temporary thing as a bit later in the episode…


The guitar is magically a Gibson again. I guess some underpaid and overworked animator must have just made a simple error. This will most likely be edited for the DVD release, so I’m cool again. Expect a full episode review along with other episode reviews this Sunday or Monday. Have a good weekend readers.


7 Responses to “K-ON! Ep 2 Guitar Quality”

  1. That reminds me of someone once telling me “pick any mass media story on a subject you’re an expert in, and you’ll find at least one mistake or misrepresentation.” Especially since most animators probably aren’t also guitar experts I guess it’s an easy mistake to make – I think you’re right though, they’ll probably fix it on the DVD.

  2. RockmanXPR Says:

    actually I’ve seen promo pics of the instruments, and on the guitar it said Gibson. but I did think it was strange that they did this for the LP. Gibson is a real pain in the ass when it comes to copyright even in pictures…

  3. djwhack03 Says:

    Rock: If you look at the second image I posted, it says Gibson. It was just a screwup on the closeup shot.

  4. wow someone failed at QC right there. Funny, they got the price of a Les Paul Standard more or less right, but not the brand logo on the headstock…

  5. RockmanXPR Says:

    Yeah, just missed that pic you put up, i’m blind!

  6. May be an Easter egg as opposed to a mistake.

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