Clannad Kyou OVA: The Superior Choice


A recent post on Moetron announced that the final volume of Clannad After Story will include an OVA that covers Kyou’s story of the visual novel. I’m glad they did this as she was one two characters. the other being Tomoyo, that I actually liked. This was because unlike the rest of the cast, Kyou and Tomoyo weren’t f-ing retards.

I enjoyed the comedy parts, I couldn’t stand most of the cast. Fuko was a moron whose story wasted almost half of the first season. Kotomi was entertaining, and had the voice of Noto Mamiko on her side, but the resolution of her story was laughable cheesy. Tomoyo was cool, but got shafted for the most of the series as a side character until her OVA which was much better than the series by a longshot. Nagisa was even more retarded than Fuko, and After Story was all about her bullshit. I hate Nagisa so much that when playing the visual novel, I purposely ignored her so I would never have to deal with her.

My problem with stories by KEY is that they’re essentially all about normal girls with “tragic” pasts, and you’re supposed to sympathize and grow emotionally attached to them. Maybe I’m too much of a manly man whose emotions are fueled entirely by testosterone, but I don’t understand why so many fans sympathisze with these kinds of characters. For a series that’s supposed to be about real life, I considered all the emotions to be really artificial and exaggerated. I don’t know anyone who has a tragic backstory that defines every fiber of their existence the way it does in Clannad.

The only story not full of tragic melodramatic bullshit was Kyou’s. It was just a simple love triangle that gets resolved with one person happy, another heartbroken, but everyone moves on and goes on with their lives. This is real life. A cockroach girl whose body turns into fail every winter, and decides to have a child anyways only to die and pass on her fail genes to her fail child who also dies of winter fail only to be brought back by the dragonballs of happiness is not.

So despite having played Kyou’s route in the visual novel, I’m looking forward to it. As I mentioned earlier, I really enjoyed the Tomoyo OVA, so this should be just as good of an adaptation in terms of animation quality and storytelling. To celebrate its announcement, here’s a delicious piece of high resolution official art for you to enjoy. Enjoy.



2 Responses to “Clannad Kyou OVA: The Superior Choice”

  1. no one in particular Says:

    ha ha ha…. i love that picture: “guess where my other hand is!”
    just stumbled upon this when reading some forums about the new ova on kyou.
    anticipation is swelling inside me :S can’t wait!

  2. Hahaha. Oh poor Nagisa…

    Actually I totally agree with you that a lot of it was over dramatic but I did enjoy it overall. As long as you don’t take it as being a real life situation, then I suppose you can be okay with the things that happen in it. Also I’ve actually heard people who have Nagisa’s condition and have children anyways. There are cases similar to the one in her story but nevertheless its melodrama. Luv melodrama! ❤

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