Hayate no Gotoku S2: ZA WARUDO!!


So it seems like fans complaints about the lack of references in the new Hayate no Gotoku have been heard, and here we’re treated to out first blatant anime reference. For those who never saw Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure or go on 4chan, Za Warudo is Engrish for “The World,” the move used by Dio Brando to stop time, which is approptiate for the pre commercial break cliffhanger. It’s disappointing that the animators didn’t take the joke one step further and invert the colors, but it was a pleasant surprise.


Naturally, when returning from the break, they have to start with Dio’s line for when the time stop wears off. I’m hoping that the number of references continues to increase as the series progresses. There are some signs that they’re starting to get into the groove of the original series with a Street Fighter reference in the next episode preview. So this episode gave me some much needed hope for the rest of the season.



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