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K-ON! Episode 9: Now With More Mustang

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After watching the new K-ON!, my first reaction was not, “That was cute!” or “Moe, moe kyun!” but “what guitar is Azusa playing?” I went on my first instinct and looked it up, and found it to be a Fender Mustang. Like all the other instruments in this show, it’s a pretty nice one, although its definitely much cheaper than Yui’s Les Paul unless it’s an original one from the 60s. The shape was pretty ambiguous in the manga, so I wasn’t sure if she was going to have a Stratocaster or what. I’m glad that they picked a less mainstream guitar for Azusa, and that she’s also featured in the OP. I only wish they’d done the same for the ED. I would have liked to see her in fancy clothes.



Spring 2009 Midseason Report: Moe, Manly, and Melancholy

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So we’ve finally reached the midpoint of the season. Although most of the shows I’m watching are longer than 13 episodes, and nowhere near finished at this point, I feel it’s still a good time to talk about all of them. So let’s start this list off.

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Hard Work and Guts is Now on Twitter!

Posted in Site Stuff on May 21, 2009 by djwhack03


Denizens of the internet! Hard Work and Guts now has a Twitter account! So if you feel like stalking me, the dashing pillar of manliness djwhack03, you can follow me, you can do so. My account is djwhack03, and you can find my feed to your right. I’m still not really used to it, so updates may be slow at first, but hopefully I’ll pick up the pace as time goes on. If you decide to follow me, message me right afterwards so I know you found me through my blog. On a completely unrelated note, here is an awesome Megaman video I found. Truly one of the greatest videos I have ever seen.

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K-ON! Guitar Quality Fixed

Posted in Anime on May 15, 2009 by djwhack03


Some of you may remember that back when the second episode of K-ON! aired, they messed up the guitar brand. Now that the widescreen releases are starting to come out, we see that this error was fixed. I’m pleasantly surprised by this as I was expecting it to take until the DVD release for this to be fixed. If I had to nitpick (and I do), it’s be about the guitar to the right with an uncharacteristically light brown headstock and neck. To the best of my knowledge, all Gibson Les Pauls have black headstocks. Nevertheless, I’m happy with this fix. Have a pleasant weekend loyal readers!

3 Reasons Why Hayate no Gotoku Season 2 Sucks

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As I mentioned before, the second season of Hayate no Gotoku was one of the shows I was looking forward to the most. However, it was also one of the most disappointing of the season. At first, I thought that it was probably because my expectations were too high. However, after watching 6 episodes, I finally understand why I dislike it so much.

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ToraDora Character Song: Death of the Character CD

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Greetings readers! Sorry for the long delay, but midterm exams and whatnot had me swamped for the past couple weeks. In any case, I will start anew with a review of the latest piece of ToraDora! merch: a character album. Although I originally thought that I wouldn’t be talking too much about music when I first reviewed “silky heart” and “Orange” from ToraDora! I guess it’s one of the things I can write about without feeling like I’m beating a dead horse considering all the anime blogs out there. I’ve also always had a thing for character CDs. Some of my favorite songs from anime usually come from these. Moving on, here is what I thought of the songs track by track.

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