Hard Work and Guts is Now on Twitter!


Denizens of the internet! Hard Work and Guts now has a Twitter account! So if you feel like stalking me, the dashing pillar of manliness djwhack03, you can follow me, you can do so. My account is djwhack03, and you can find my feed to your right. I’m still not really used to it, so updates may be slow at first, but hopefully I’ll pick up the pace as time goes on. If you decide to follow me, message me right afterwards so I know you found me through my blog. On a completely unrelated note, here is an awesome Megaman video I found. Truly one of the greatest videos I have ever seen.


2 Responses to “Hard Work and Guts is Now on Twitter!”

  1. Kairu Ishimaru Says:

    Im disappointed on you for not posting a link. ;_;

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