K-ON! Episode 9: Now With More Mustang


After watching the new K-ON!, my first reaction was not, “That was cute!” or “Moe, moe kyun!” but “what guitar is Azusa playing?” I went on my first instinct and looked it up, and found it to be a Fender Mustang. Like all the other instruments in this show, it’s a pretty nice one, although its definitely much cheaper than Yui’s Les Paul unless it’s an original one from the 60s. The shape was pretty ambiguous in the manga, so I wasn’t sure if she was going to have a Stratocaster or what. I’m glad that they picked a less mainstream guitar for Azusa, and that she’s also featured in the OP. I only wish they’d done the same for the ED. I would have liked to see her in fancy clothes.



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