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Summer 2009 Preview: Season of Uncertainty

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Happy Sunday Hard Workers. Has everyone had a good weekend? As promised earlier, here is a preview of what is going to be airing in the next couple of weeks and what I look forward too. Here we go.

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K-ON! End: Hot N Cold

Posted in Anime, Series Review with tags on June 25, 2009 by djwhack03


So the last episode of the season’s hottest show K-ON! just aired and while it was a considerable change of pace from the rest of the series, it was strangely satisfying and appropriate. Technically this episode was an extra episode, and last week’s episode was the final one. The “final” episode heats things up with an entertaining concert scene, while the extra episode cools things off with the girls’ day on a cold winter day.

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Manga of the Now: Kongou Banchou

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Welcome to my second entry in my “Of the Now” series. Today, I bring you a more recent, lesser known, and much manlier series, Kongou Banchou. As regular readers may know, I am a huge fan of manliness and GAR. There’s plenty of entertaining GAR anime and manga out there, but few take it to the extremes the way Kongou Banchou does.

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Manga of the Now: Zettai Karen Children

Posted in Manga, Of The Now with tags on June 18, 2009 by djwhack03

zkc cover

Greetings loyal readers. Sorry for neglecting my blog for so long, but a combination of school work and computer problems kept me from blogging. But now that it’s summer and I have more time, I plan to be writing more than usual. Since there isn’t much that looks interesting this summer, I will use this opprtunity to catch up on and write about some older titles. Along with that, if anything catches my eye, I will write about it as the “Anime/Manga of the Now.” To kick off, I will start with Zettai Karen Children, a series that refuses to take itself seriously.

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