Summer 2009 Preview: Season of Uncertainty


Happy Sunday Hard Workers. Has everyone had a good weekend? As promised earlier, here is a preview of what is going to be airing in the next couple of weeks and what I look forward too. Here we go.

Must See

Spice and Wolf II: I really enjoyed the first season and the OVA was pretty entertaining. I’m not sure what the subject matter for this season is going to be so I’m really looking forward to what they will happen to Horo and Lawrence.

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni: There is a lot of hype around this show, so naturally I’m going to watch it. While I was a fan of the first season of Higurashi, I really didn’t like Kai as it removed all the horror in exchange for typical moe bullshit. Here’s to hoping for a good horror series.

Aoi Hana: Despite being a pillar of manliness amongst anime bloggers, I do enjoy simple shows that don’t invlove hot blood and GAR. One such series is the Hourou Musuko manga which is about two gender confused elementary school kids. As this is based on a manga by the same author, I really look forward to seeing how this turns out.

Taishou Yakyu Musume: After watching One Outs and Cross Game, I began to develop a newfound appreciation for sports anime. The art and premise have me worried that it will be basically K-ON! but with baseball instead of music. Then again, I really enjoyed K-ON!, so this series may surprise me.

Maybe… Maybe not…

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: The premise seems pretty simple, so I really have no idea where this one will go. I’ll give it a few episodes and see what others have to say about it.

Bakemonogatari: Another series with an incredibly vague premise. I have some faith in SHAFT, so this could be interesting.

Kanamemo/GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class/Seitokai no Ichizon: I’m not sure about all three of these for the same reason. They all have a high probability of being typical moe bullshit. Then again, they could surprise me and actually be funny. I’ll give it a few episodes before checking any one of these out.

Maybe Later…

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: I never watched the second season nor the OVAs, so I should get through those firt before watching this. The problem is, I find the humor to be very exhausting and repetetive, so it may take me a while to get through those.

Hetalia 2: Still haven’t finished the first season, and I wasn’t a really big fan of it either. The humor was a little too repetetive for my taste.

Cobra: Rokunin no Yushi: While I’ve heard good things about this series, I’ve never seen any of it. I feel that I should watch some of the older stuff now that I have more time this summer.

And Everything Else…

Is being rejected for one of three reasons: typical moe bullshit, typical fantasy bullshit, or typical fantasy moe bullshit.

Before I finish up this article, I should probably explain what I mean by “typical moe bullshit” as I’ve been throwing that term around a lot lately. I consider typical moe bullshit shows to be those whose primary selling point is their cute girls. The plot will usually be crap and there will be at least one girl who could be classified as retarded, because clearly a girl with no brains is a major turn on.

At this point you may be asking yourself: “djwhack03, you paragon of masculinity, if you hate typical moe bullshit so much, why did you enjoy K-ON! and Lucky Star? After all, the cute girls were the main selling point, and at least one character was dumb and useless.” My answer to that is that they both had at least one redeeming quality. In the case of K-ON!, it was the good music and liberties taken in storytelling that set it apart. For Lucky Star, it was the deep reference humor that challenged my otaku knowledge.

A textbook example of “typical moe bullshit” is Kanon. I do not see the appeal of Kanon. If you think Kanon is good, then I am afraid you suffer from a life threatening disease known as poor taste. If if is in your top 5 list, the poor taste has caused irreparable damage to your brain, and your brain stem may decide to shut itself down to protect the greater good by preventing the poor taste from spreading. I sat through 10 episodes of this garbage because I was trapped in an airport with no other form of entertainment and the false promise that it “gets good later.” There was nothing redeeming about Kanon.

Well this certainly derailed from the original premise in the end. This season seems pretty weak compared to earlier ones, so I’m hoping for some surprise hits. I’m still waiting on subs for a few shows that ended this season such as Sengoku BASARA, so I’m going to put off my Spring season review until then. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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