Thank You For 5400 Views!


Today as I was checking my blog stats, I found that Hard Work and Guts has gotten over 5000 views to date. In fact, as of 11:55 am CST, it has exactly 5400 views. While most anime bloggers would make a flashy banner with their favorite characters thanking readers, I have no such artistic talent due to my preposterous levels of testosterone. So in exchange, here are some of my favorite official artworks that I’ve found around the internet related to my top posts, clicks, referrers, and search engine terms according to WordPress Stats. To start, here is some kick ass Gurren Lagann artwork.

Top Post

With 461 views, my most viewed post is The Evolution of the Tsundere. This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to me since I mention a lot of popular shows in that post. What I found most surprising was that my second most popular post, previewing the Clannad Kyou OVA trailed behind by only 2 posts at 459. I didn’t realize that it was such a popular show. So for all you tsundere fans out there, here is some more delicious official art of Shana and Louise.


Top Click

I’m actually really surprised that the most popular link on my blog was the above image of Hinagiku with 39 views. It seems like I’m one of the few people who took a decent screencap of the awesome Hayate no Gotoku S2 ED, the only good part of the entire second season. I’m thankful that all of you enjoy this image so much. So for my fellow Hina fans, here is another image for you.


Top Referrer

No surprise here for me, the site that referred to me the most is none other than AnimeNano with a whopping 507 views from the front page alone. I’m thankful to one of my friends who told me about this site when I first started blogging, as before then, traffic to Hard Work and Guts was minimal. Since I can’t think of any images relating to AnimeNano, here is a picture of Kyonko and Yuki my friend liked.


Top Search Term

Related to my top post, the top search term for my blog is “tsundere” with 290 hits. Probably the most entertaining search term I saw was back when I first started, “winter 2008 naked butterflies.” This led to my blog because of my Gundam 00 posts about naked people in space, but I was always wondering what that person was actually looking for. I may never know. Moving on, here is the recent KyoAni tsundere characters with their clothes swapped.kyoani_crossovers

I hope you enjoyed this retrospect and images as much as I did. To finish things off, here are some cats being manly and yelling at each other. Have a good weekend!



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