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Fall 2009 Preview: Season of Sequels

Posted in Anime on September 27, 2009 by djwhack03

With the new season starting in a couple weeks, I decided it’s time again to go through and announce to the world what I plan to watch for the next 13+ weeks. The vast majority are sequels, and there aren’t many new titles that really stand out for me this season, so I’m hoping for some surprises. So here we go.

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Hayate no Gotoku 2: Is it Good?

Posted in Anime, Series Review with tags , on September 23, 2009 by djwhack03

[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 25 (1280x720 h264) [67B20779].mkv_2009.09.23.10_28_09

So the second season of Hayate no Gotoku just finished this past weekend, and my opinion of it hasn’t really changed much. In response to Hinagiku’s question above, “Is it good?” The simple answer is no. Frankly the second season of HnG was crap compared to the original. However, there were still moments, especially in the final episode, that I really enjoyed.

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Manga of the Now: Oniichan Control

Posted in Manga, Of The Now with tags , on September 4, 2009 by djwhack03


This time’s manga of the now is a relatively new series that is probably one of the most simultaneously disturbing yet entertaining series I have read since Kodomo no Jikan. Oniichan Control is the story of a brother and sister who have a  sister and brother complex respectively. While there are only 2 chapters out, the idea seemed interesting enough to warrant a post on it.

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