Manga of the Now: Oniichan Control


This time’s manga of the now is a relatively new series that is probably one of the most simultaneously disturbing yet entertaining series I have read since Kodomo no Jikan. Oniichan Control is the story of a brother and sister who have a  sister and brother complex respectively. While there are only 2 chapters out, the idea seemed interesting enough to warrant a post on it.


The story starts with the unnamed older brother finding out his little sister Noa is coming to college in Tokyo and will be living with him in order to save on rent. This proves to be a problem for him since he has an unhealthy obsession with his little sister and is very aware of it. The reader soon finds out that Noa also has an unhealthy obsession with him and on top of that is kind of a bitch, who goes as far as to leave her underwear lying around to tease him.


What is most surprising about this manga is that it is from the same author as Karin, which was a cute and innocent romantic comedy. However, the twisted relationship in Oniichan Control contrasts so sharply with the purity of Karin’s relationship that it gives me a good laugh knowing the same brain conceived both stories. I really like Kagesaki Yuna’s sharp designs and Noa’s ecstatic face is as funny as it is creepy.

You might notice that this post is considerably shorter than most of my other posts. This is because the series is also much shorter with only 2 chapters out. The release schedule has been rather erratic with the first chapter coming out in April, the second in July and the third scheduled for October 22. Hopefully these first 2 chapters were just the pilots and that the releases become more regular after the third. Oniichan Control does to incest romances what Detroit Metal City did to music stories. It strips away all the idealism and reveals how dark it can actually be.

Recently I have been having trouble finding time to watch anime. I recently burned through all of He is My Master, which was surprisingly good. Current season shows are starting to lose their charm. Umineko has gotten stupid again. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 drama and plot twists are pretty weak, so it’s starting to overstay its welcome. Spice and Wolf II is in another story introduction phase, so it feels slow again. And I’m still incredibly behind on Canaan. Hopefully I’ll be more punctual with posting now that I’m settled into my new apartment. Enjoy your weekend!


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