Fall 2009 Preview: Season of Sequels

With the new season starting in a couple weeks, I decided it’s time again to go through and announce to the world what I plan to watch for the next 13+ weeks. The vast majority are sequels, and there aren’t many new titles that really stand out for me this season, so I’m hoping for some surprises. So here we go.

Must See:

A Certain Scientific Railgun: As I mentioned in my manga review I really like the world this series is set in, so I have high hopes for this anime. My only worry is that it will suffer from the same pacing issues that Index did, making it a chore to watch on a weekly basis. Worse comes to worse, I can just marathon it once the series ends.

White Album Final: I enjoyed the first season just because it looked really pretty, with the exception of the really poor quality of the last episode. I’m just curious to see if they can redeem this series and somehow make it unique in the end.

Astro Fighter Sunred 2: The original Astro Fighter Sunred was brilliant in how it juxtaposed mundane settings with superhuman characters. It didn’t take itself seriously in the least, and this made it one of the better series I’ve seen in a long time. I look forward to more.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 2: The first season was adorable, and that is a word you will not find a manly man like myself will not use very often. It almost fell into a lot of traps of the harem genre, but thankfully managed to avoid most of them due to time constraints. I’m expecting and hoping for more of the same, although I’m curious as to what kind of new characters they can throw at us.

Kimi ni Todoke: Finally a new series on my list. I read the first volume of the manga which has recently been released in the US. As is typical of shoujo manga, not much happened in the first volume, but the idea seems solid enough to make a decent show.

Sasameki Koto: It’s yuri. You can never have too much yuri

Fairy Tail: Another show based on a manga I reviewed earlier this summer, I have a lot of hope for Fairy Tail. I really like the characters, and their seiyuus fit their roles perfectly. A short promo was just released, and I like Hirano Aya as Lucy. I’m not as crazy about Natsu’s voice, but I’ll have to see how he sounds in a fight before I make any final judgments.  My one worry is that this might become an endless shonen show like Naruto or Bleach, and I simply don’t have the patience for one of those.

Trapeze: I was sold on the promo art alone. It looks like a wacky trip.

Maybe Later:

Blue Literature: The idea seems interesting, although I said the same for Tale of Genji, and that turned out to be kind of boring. I’ll probably wait for a few episodes to come out and see the general reaction online.

Natsu no Arashi 2: I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t finished the first season. The character designs are a bit of a turn off so I have been hesitant to start watching it again.

Kobato: I seem to recall seeing the manga version in Newtype USA back in the day. I’m a fan of CLAMP, but the plot feels a little too generic to get my full interest.

Shin Koihime Musou: I watched the first season on a whim, and found it almost too stupid to watch. I like fanservice as much as any red blooded man, but I couldn’t find any other point to this series besides that.

Darker than Black 2: I still haven’t gotten around to watching the original, nor have I found a torrent for it. If someone could please link me one in the comments, I would appreciate it.

Mahoromatic OVA: I still need to finish watching the original. I really like the show, but the pacing is a bit slow for a comedy.

Shakugan no Shana S: I didn’t finish the second season, but I’m hoping it doesn’t matter. As boring as Shana is, the only reason I’m interested in this OVA is the possibility of a Shanatan special with it.

That’s my list. The rest of the shows seem like typical moe bullshit and kids shows, so I will pass on those. It’s an unusually dead season, so I’m praying for some surprises.

The school year just started for me again, and I have grad school applications to look forward to over the next couple months. I recently finished Macross Frontier which was a lot of fun, especially the final battle against the Vajra. I also finished Aoi Hana yesterday which wrapped things up nicely enough to be a complete ending, but left things open enough to leave things to the viewers’ imagination. I should get around to reading the manga soon. Until next time!


One Response to “Fall 2009 Preview: Season of Sequels”

  1. Shit, I didn’t realize how many are sequels this Fall. Well, that’s even more shitty.

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