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A Manly Man’s Guide to Buying Anime Figures

Posted in Merch with tags on October 16, 2009 by djwhack03


As I’ve gotten more and more into anime and otaku culture, I’ve started to build up a collection of figures. While they’re usually well sculpted, nicely painted, and accurately capture the spirit of the characters, one of the main problems I’ve had is getting them at a good price. However, after much searching, here are the sites I frequent most often for my anime goods.

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Manga of the Now: Bakuman

Posted in Manga, Of The Now with tags , on October 13, 2009 by djwhack03


This time’s Manga of the Now is a new series by the writer/artist duo of Death Note: Bakuman. Contrary to the brilliant story of how absolute power corrupts absolutely, Bakuman focuses on a simpler story, that of two guys who want to get published in Shonen Jump. While it is nowhere near as good as Death Note, and has some crippling flaws, Bakuman is still an entertaining read.

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