Winter 09/10 Preview: Dance in the Drrr

When last season started, I quickly came to the conclusion that there would be a couple good shows, and a bunch of crap. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see a few surprisingly good shows (Kampfer), a few surprisingly bad ones (Nogizaka Haruka 2), and a lot of mediocrity (Nyan Koi). I am tempted to take a similar polar approach to this season, but I’m aware that there may be a couple surprises. As with every season, here are my picks.

Must See:

So Ra No Wo To: When I read the premise, I thought this would be K-ON goes to war. When I saw the preview, I thought this was going to be K-ON goes to war. When I read the first chapter of the manga, I thought this was going to be K-ON goes to war. So I’ve come to the conclusion that this is going to be K-ON goes to war. There is even a character like Mio named Rio. Not that I have a problem with that. I love K-ON and Mio.

Dance in the Vampire Bund: I read all the manga that was scanlated, and I have to say, it’s really interesting. The problem is, it doesn’t really feel like a SHAFT kind of show. It’s not as dialogue heavy, although the preview shows promise for some very slick action. The art seems a little generic based on the preview, but SHAFT always manages to pleasantly surprise me.

DuRaRaRa!!: From the creator of Baccano with character designs from the creator of Yozakura Quartet. I just jizzed in my pants.

Ookamikakushi: This could either be really good or horribly generic depending on the presentation. I have some hope, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I am disappointed.

Hanamaru Kindergarten: If Gainax can pull a Gainax end on a slice of life show about 3 year olds, I will either laugh my ass off or lose faith in humanity.

Katanagatari: The premise is kind of generic, but I like the art, so it could be enough to keep me watching. It’s from the same author as Bakemonogatari, so that gives me some hope.

Boku Otaryman: The title gives away the premise, and it’s just an OVA, so I won’t waste too much time if it sucks.

Maybe, Maybe Not:

Ladies Vs Butlers: It’s gonna be typical moe bullshit, but it might be entertaining enough to rot my brain for ~24 minutes a week.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: See above comment.

No Fucking Way:

Chu-Bra: No. Just no.

Omamori Himari: I stopped reading after “an ordinary 16 year old high school boy.”

Hidamari Sketch wingdings: The first season was ok, and the second was bland as all hell. I don’t expect more from this.

Nodame Cantabile Finale: This requires a little bit more elaboration as I know that Nodame Cantibile is a highly respected manga/anime. However, I find Nodame to be depressing and antifeminist. A typical dialogue between the two protagonists goes as follows:

Nodame: Chiaki I love you!


Nodame: But I love you!

I find their relationship sad. It is difficult to see what Nodame sees in Chiaki since he’s a total prick, and it is difficult to sympathize with Nodame getting beaten and insulted since she won’t fucking leave his house when he asks her to. It’s considered the quintessential josei romance, but perhaps I’m too much of a grizzly man who has never truly been in love to identify with their feelings. I’m also more of a rocker, so classical music really doesn’t do it for me.

So that’s it for this season. Hopefully I will get around to doing a review of what I stick with later this season. I haven’t been watching much anime lately since I spend some time in Las Vegas, and hanging out with friends in general. I finished both seasons of Darker than Black, and while I liked the second season, I found the lack of closure to be annoying. It wraps up the major questions season 2 brought up while leaving much greater questions completely unanswered. I’m hoping that the OVAs answer them nicely. That is all. Happy new year.


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