I Fail as a Mio Fan

Some time around midnight Central Standard Time last night, the Good Smile Company officially announced the Figma version of Akiyama Mio from K-ON. I had known about it for several days because of its unofficial announcement on the Figma blog, but nonetheless, I was still excited to see it due to its fast approaching late February release date. Tired from a long day of class and work, I decided to go to bed and put a preorder in the morning.

This morning I wake up and go to AmiAmi and I see it’s sold out. I go to Hobby Search and it’s sold out. Toyslogic, sold out. Play Asia, sold out. Somehow, between going to bed and waking up a few hours later, every major anime distributor I know had listed and sold out of this figure.

I was surprised since I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Mio. My desktop slideshow is almost nothing but pictures of her. I preordered the Nendoroid despite not being a big fan of Nendos. I bought the Beach Queens PVC even though I swore to never buy a figure of a girl in a swimsuit. I preordered the Alter figure whitch is the first and only time I’ve ever broken my limit of no figure over $50. I even bought a business card case with her on it even though I don’t have business cards yet. In short, my love for Mio made me do a lot of things and spend a lot of money that I would not have otherwise.

But seeing as how I was unable to secure a preorder of the first batch, I fell into kind of a slump this morning, and started doing some self reflection. Am I taking this a little bit too hard? Was this perhaps a sign that I was spending too much money? Should I get the kind of ugly looking Mobip to get my Mio fix? Do I really need a fourth figure of the same character?

Then my logical engineering instincts kicked in. There will most likely be a re-release. After all, the Hatsune Miku Figma got a re-re-release not too long ago. There are at least two more sites that I frequent that haven’t even listed it yet. So fellow Mio fanatics, do not give up hope. New opportunities will present themselves. If you also missed this time, try harder next time. You too may get your hands on a Mio Figma through the power of Hard Work and Guts!


7 Responses to “I Fail as a Mio Fan”

  1. stupidshitibuy.com Says:

    i missed as well… suicide

  2. Of course its okay to buy more than one figure BUT HLJ will have it i didnt pre order it either i actually cried

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Whatever you do, for chrissakes don’t buy that ugly ass mobip figure. I missed the pre-order as well, but in the end I’m not so much a figma guy, so no harm done.

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