About djwhack03

I was born and raised in Los Angles, CA and currently go to college in Chicago. I am half Japanese, quarter Swiss, and quarter Mexican. Because of my Japanese background, I’ve been exposed to Japanese culture since I was a kid. My first anime was probably My Neighbor Totoro, which I probably saw when I was still in diapers. I also had tapes of Anpanman and Doraemon which I watched until the tapes began to fade. I made the handle djwhack03 back in middle school. I made it after playing this flash game on shockwave.com called DJ Fu. It wasn’t particularly good in retospect, but I loved it. Since DJ Fu was too short by yahoo mail standards, I picked another name along a similar vein, whack. The 03 at the end is just a number I like, so the name djwhack03 was born.

Anime and Me

Although I was always into Japanese culture, I didn’t really get into anime until I watched Tenchi Muyo on Toonami. I instantly fell in love with the mix of action and comedy that was absent from American cartoons. The harem of cute girls was also a bonus. I guess the series that made me a full blown otaku was Love Hina and my first Anime Expo in 2003. Since then I’ve watched hundreds of hours, read thousands of pages, and spent may too much time and money on anime.

So what anime and manga do I like? I prefer really mellow and really GAR. On the mellow end of the spectrum, I like Lucky Star, Mahoraba, and Genshiken. On the manly side, there’s Gurren Lagann, Full Metal Panic, and Gunbuster. I like most romantic comedies even though they are usually the same crap over and over again. Shows that you don’t have to take too seriously/shows that take themselves too seriously are always good too. Check out MyAnimeList if you want to know more.

What is “Hard Work and Guts?”

Hard work and guts is the main catch phrase from the Gunbuster/Diebuster OVAs. Basically, you can do the impossible, see the invisible (ROW! ROW! FIGHT THE POWER!) if you just work your ass off. Also, Norio Wakamoto, the greatest seiyuu of all time says it. I hope you enjoy this blog, and visit it frequently. Please leave comments so I know what people think about my blog. Take it easy.



2 Responses to “About”

  1. ghostlightning Says:

    Just discovered your blog today, and I like it! Added you on MAL also. Will subscribe ^_^

  2. Hard work and guts!

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