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Thank You For 5400 Views!

Posted in Site Stuff with tags on July 17, 2009 by djwhack03


Today as I was checking my blog stats, I found that Hard Work and Guts has gotten over 5000 views to date. In fact, as of 11:55 am CST, it has exactly 5400 views. While most anime bloggers would make a flashy banner with their favorite characters thanking readers, I have no such artistic talent due to my preposterous levels of testosterone. So in exchange, here are some of my favorite official artworks that I’ve found around the internet related to my top posts, clicks, referrers, and search engine terms according to WordPress Stats. To start, here is some kick ass Gurren Lagann artwork.

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Hard Work and Guts is Now on Twitter!

Posted in Site Stuff on May 21, 2009 by djwhack03


Denizens of the internet! Hard Work and Guts now has a Twitter account! So if you feel like stalking me, the dashing pillar of manliness djwhack03, you can follow me, you can do so. My account is djwhack03, and you can find my feed to your right. I’m still not really used to it, so updates may be slow at first, but hopefully I’ll pick up the pace as time goes on. If you decide to follow me, message me right afterwards so I know you found me through my blog. On a completely unrelated note, here is an awesome Megaman video I found. Truly one of the greatest videos I have ever seen.

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Welcome One and All

Posted in Site Stuff on December 11, 2008 by djwhack03



Thank you for stumbling upon my humble blog. This is djwhack03, and I am here to rant about anime. Why am I making this blog? Simple. I like anime, and as an engineering student, I get little opportunity to practice creative writing. So over the next few days, I will be posting my thoughts on the current season shows.

Feel free to check out MyAnimelist if you’re curious what kind of fan I am.

Take it easy folks.