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The Art of Adaptations in Anime Pt. 1: Director’s Focus

Posted in Anime with tags , , on November 15, 2010 by djwhack03

Most of the anime in the past 20 years has been an adaptation of some other piece of media. Whether the source material was a manga, light novel, or video game, adaptations have become a staple of the medium. This isn’t a bad thing as there are some very good writers who just express themselves using a different medium. However, many times with adaptations, the writers may not always do a good job of transferring text and images to the small screen. I would even go as far as to say that making an effective adaptation is an art form. So what makes a good adaptation you may ask? In a nutshell, I believe a good adaptation should tell the same story while adding a personal touch to it. To illustrate this point, I will take popular anime from the past few years and explain why I think they’re a good or bad adaptation. I will be using manga exclusively as I have read a lot more manga than I have light novels.

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Manga of the Now: Bakuman

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This time’s Manga of the Now is a new series by the writer/artist duo of Death Note: Bakuman. Contrary to the brilliant story of how absolute power corrupts absolutely, Bakuman focuses on a simpler story, that of two guys who want to get published in Shonen Jump. While it is nowhere near as good as Death Note, and has some crippling flaws, Bakuman is still an entertaining read.

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